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JennErik Engineering, Inc. has experience in a wide variety of markets. Click on the titles below to read a brief description, download our factsheets, and see what projects we are involved with.


Our residential projects include ultra energy efficient single homes, town homes, apartment buildings and campus style facilities.

pdf icon   view project - Brewers Hill Apartments

pdf icon  view project -Brewers Hill Domain Apartments

pdf_icon  JennErik Multi-family overview

Life Sciences

Our life science projects include small incubator tenants, private small and large R&D and contract research facilities, clean rooms and manufacturing facilities. Clients include:
  • Emergent
  • Novavax
  • WR Grace
  • NIH
  • Hussman Institute
  • Advance Bioscience Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutics International
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Ft. Detrick
  • Bioqual
  • Macrogen
  • Prometic
  • CV Path
  • Mars Symbioscience
  • ATCC
  • Zyngenia
  • IBT
pdf icon  view project - Emergent BioSolutions Baltimore
pdf icon  view project - Emergent BioSolutions Gaithersburg
pdf icon  view project - WR Grace - Building 16
pdf icon  JennErik Lab Facilities Overview


Corporate projects include interior fit outs as well as ground up headquarters and campus facilities. Clients include:
  • WR Grace
  • McCormick
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Novavax
  • Advanced Biosciences
  • COPT
  • Alexandria Real Estate
  • WPM Real Estate
pdf icon  view project - Park Plaza
pdf icon  view project - WR Grace
pdf icon  JennErik Office Overview

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities include indoor and outdoor sporting complexes for clients including YMCA, Baltimore City, Calvert Hall and Erickson Living. We specialize in indoor natatorium design.

pdf icon  view project - YMCA
pdf icon  view project - Sandy Hill Gym
pdf icon  view project - Grace Fitness Center
pdf icon   JennErik Sports Facilities Overview

Mixed Use/Religious

Mixed Use/ Religious facilities include design and design build facilities including small renovations and large ground up facilities.

Food Service

Food Service facilities include private restaurants, small eateries and large production kitchens. Projects Include:
  • Food Life Point
  • Burger King
  • Park Inn
  • The Tasting Room


Education projects include private schools including Calvert Hall College, Notre Dame Preparatory, Living Classrooms and The Waldorf School.


Retail projects include new retail centers as well as fit out and renovation work in mixed use and large retail complexes.  Projects include:
  • Charles Luck Studios "LEED GOLD Certified Project"
  • Marley Nails
  • Food Life Point
  • The Park Inn
  • Burger King
  • Pandora

Data Center


  • NIH
  • NIST
  • IRS
  • Ft. Meade
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Ft. Belvoir
  • State of Maryland - DGS
  • State of Maryland - DHMH
pdf icon   view project - IRS
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